Is your sponsor toxic?

I was running a workshop of Friday and we played a game to see the impact of putting brand logos next to each other. How did that change our perceptions of both ‘sponsor’ and ‘sponsee’? Its a simple test but surprisingly powerful – after all, we are the company we keep; an old Egyptian adage… Continue reading Is your sponsor toxic?

BEST PRACTICE: Why the V&A’s Savage Beauty was the arts sponsorship of the year

The Sponsorship Awards are the Oscar’s of the UK’s sponsorship industry. I am honoured to have been a judge for a few years now and often lament the quality of the cultural sponsorship category, with applications for this competition for commercial marketing couched in terms of ‘business giving’ with hospitality the sole activation. Not this… Continue reading BEST PRACTICE: Why the V&A’s Savage Beauty was the arts sponsorship of the year

Acceptance, appreciation, and acts of kindness

BNP Paribas’ Sarah Alspach shares her wish list for corporates engaging with charities. In our increasingly connected world there are few who doubt the value and importance of partnership. Where these are forged between organisations with common incentives and shared values, navigating a path to mutual success still takes plenty of work, but when it… Continue reading Acceptance, appreciation, and acts of kindness

Welcome to Albright Thinking

We want to use this space to share our ideas, experiences and best practice about partnerships of all types – sponsorships, charity partnerships, corporate and brand programmes – anything where two organisations are working together to try and do something exceptional. We are a team of experienced, can-do experts from a range of sectors. We… Continue reading Welcome to Albright Thinking