What’s hot in Higher Education?

If you are considering working with a different sector it pays to understand their current concerns. If you can help meet your partners’ needs, then they might be able to help meet yours.

Rachel Clarke, Director at Albright Special asks – what are the top three issues facing the higher-education sector?


The higher-education sector is, in one way, an exemplar for collaboration. In the world of business it would be unheard of for an organisation to lend its world-class expert to a rival to develop a new product – this is common practice with academics.

However with a few notable exceptions, cross-sector collaboration is much rarer. If partners can help address the sector’s main concerns, there is a lot to play for.

  1. Digital learning

Lectures, seminars, case-study notes – the teaching format in the further education sector had been the same way for years. With the digital economy this is all changing. Virtual reality lectures, tailored courses where you pick and choose your academic experts from around the world, a Google hangout with your tutor – these are all happening now. With years of under-investment how do institutions develop the expertise to lead?

  1. Globalisation

The sector’s rapid campus expansion and reciprocal arrangements with overseas establishments has meant that today’s students have the opportunity of a truly international education experience. Is globalisation still a differentiator for the leading establishments? In the light of digital change what does this even mean?

  1. Life-long learning

With the end of a job-for-life comes the need for life-long-learning as we all embark on portfolio working lives and multiple careers. Our education establishments are realising that alumni are not just a fundraising stream, they are also looking for personal development on a long-term basis. What do these offers look like?


The higher-education sector is a powerhouse of forward-thinking problem solvers – wouldn’t you want that on your team?


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