Brands get in touch with their feminine side

Albright Special consultant Katie Cross celebrates gender diversity in sponsorship.   Last week I attended the second Women in Sponsorship networking event, where we debated the question ‘Sponsorship & Diversity – who cares?’ with really interesting insight from the panel. ( It was great to see such passion and knowledge in the room.   It’s… Continue reading Brands get in touch with their feminine side

Bursting the bubble

  Rachel Clarke reminds us that there is always another point of view.   Of course it’s true that today’s Facebook feed – fake news or otherwise – amplifies our personal viewpoints. We only talk to People Like Us. And now we are reaping the result of a giant failure in communication. Working across different sectors I am… Continue reading Bursting the bubble

First, make a friend ….

Thomas Enright, CSR Lead at Affinity Water and Albright Special associate, shares his formula for building effective partnerships   A mentor I once worked with summed up his advice for making change happen as “make a friend, tell them a story, show them the money”. As I started to become involved in building effective client-contractor… Continue reading First, make a friend ….

BEST PRACTICE: Top 3 charity partnerships with business

We’ve recently been working with a mental health charity to explore ways of engaging with business in a more fulfilling way. As part of our research we’ve brought together some great examples that we wanted to celebrate more widely. What’s great about them? They benefit the business, not just the charity, which means they are… Continue reading BEST PRACTICE: Top 3 charity partnerships with business

Is your sponsor toxic?

I was running a workshop of Friday and we played a game to see the impact of putting brand logos next to each other. How did that change our perceptions of both ‘sponsor’ and ‘sponsee’? Its a simple test but surprisingly powerful – after all, we are the company we keep; an old Egyptian adage… Continue reading Is your sponsor toxic?

What’s hot in Higher Education?

If you are considering working with a different sector it pays to understand their current concerns. If you can help meet your partners’ needs, then they might be able to help meet yours. Rachel Clarke, Director at Albright Special asks – what are the top three issues facing the higher-education sector? The higher-education sector is,… Continue reading What’s hot in Higher Education?

BEST PRACTICE: Why the V&A’s Savage Beauty was the arts sponsorship of the year

The Sponsorship Awards are the Oscar’s of the UK’s sponsorship industry. I am honoured to have been a judge for a few years now and often lament the quality of the cultural sponsorship category, with applications for this competition for commercial marketing couched in terms of ‘business giving’ with hospitality the sole activation. Not this… Continue reading BEST PRACTICE: Why the V&A’s Savage Beauty was the arts sponsorship of the year